I have a few questions about multimedia design.

I'm getting ready to go to college and I think I wanna go into this field but i have some questions. Are there a lot of jobs for multimedia designers? Is it best to work for yourself? Can you make a lot of money? What is a day like as a multimedia designer?

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  • Dean B
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    1 decade ago
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    I did BTEC Multimedia(Interactive design) at college, and i think its a great springboard if your not certian of what to do.

    We covered gmae design, web design, animation, graphics (and we even did fine art as a side course) so form there you can choose what area to specialize in for Uni.

    A Multimedia Degree is too vague for an employer to choose you, if Pixar have you with a multimedia degree, or someone who has a BA in 3D animation, thier going to choose the specialist.

    I think it was a great course, and im now currently doing a degree in Digital SFX.

    So no, as Multimedia desigers ther is very little jobs, but if you then get a Uni degree in a more specialist field then you will find more jobs open up;

    Games Design



    Web design

    graphic design


    And the Multimdiea course means you still have skills in other areas you can draw on, making you a very good asset to a company.

    Source(s): BTEC Multimedai (Interacitve Design) studying BA Digital FX
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this is not a very easy to answer. but i can say that if u love designing, if u r sure u'll have the dedication then u can go for it sure. caz it has very bright future. and off course u can make huge money no doubt. as a graphic designer u can make plenty of money. and when u will know 3d animation, maya and all other stuff u will become a multimedia professional. u can choose ur career as an animator. now a days lots of animation works going on all over the world. so future is really very bright. so, if u have the designing passion and u know that u'll b able to do that...go and build ur career. but take suggestions from other designers also. and think urself then decide. i'm telling u my point of view and how much i know about designeing career.

    best of luck..

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