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I think I look ugly

www.wigsalon.com/img/thumb/ashley-ferret.gif <---

i want to look like thisss

i loookk awful in the morningg i meann i have layered hair with a little bit of a kink in it its horrible any tipss

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    Oh my god i have the exat same problem. Heres what i do: I get my hair thined out so its easier to take care of and I straighten in every morning or i i put it up in a pony and straighten the bangs and i use de volumeizing shampoo and de frizzing conditioner (herbal essence) and most everyone looks bad in the mornings! (chis work best for straightening

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    link doesn't work

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    I think i look ugly in the morning too.

    i think its like that for everyone.


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    Source(s): im getting sick of people who don't know how to post a link...=P
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