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Should I play J.V or Bantam Hockey?

I am going to be a freshman this year. If I play bantam I will get a lot more ice time but we just got a new coach for varsity so if i play J.V he will get to know who i am.

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    Do the one that....

    A. You will enjoy more.

    B. Will make you a better player.

    Personally I would take ice time over JV. If bantams will make you a better player your varsity coach should notice. Are you guarenteed to make JV?

    Source(s): Lifelong player and coach.
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    you should play bantam its a beter brand of hockey . & you will get to play more tourments ;between nov & march just becuse you are on a high school team doesent meen you will be on the ice //////////// good luck

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    play JV, by the time your a senior the coach will know you well and you'll get more icetime when it really matters- your last season

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    you will learn to play better, have a lot more fun, and it will get you closer to making Varsity.

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    umm.. I'd go for JV.

    always better to challenge yourself.

    & if you play JV you'll push yourself to get better & to get more ice time.

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