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Can you connect to a wireless network using a desktop instead of a laptop?

I recently got a new desktop computer. I already have a wireless network connection for my laptop. Is there any way i could connect to the wireless network using my desktop? Instead of me having to annoy my parents to get me phone line internet.

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    Yes, you definitely can do it. But first I assume you have some kind of wireless router to broadcast your home wireless network. I have linksys at home ant I use wireless devices like laptops and phones connected to the router. And my desktop machine as it is not mobile it is connected with cable to the router. So if you have a router the cable connection from your desktop will be more stable and you do not need wireless card in that case, just a LAN cable. Please let me know in case that is possible.

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    Yes. You need a wireless adapter for your desktop PC. These are relatively cheap and just plug into your USB port. Then you will be able to connect to the wireless network in the same way as with your laptop. Alternatively if your desktop PC has a network card and your wireless router has wired ports then you can connect it with a cable.

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    Oh definitely yes. We have two laptops and 9 desktops connected to our wireless signal.

    We use an apple airport express to send it all over the house -- including the patio.

    Phone line networks/internet are much slower.

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    Yes you can, if your desktop computer has aalready a built in wireless connection. But if not you have to buy a wireless LAN connector or just buy a LAN cable connect it from your Router to your Desktop..

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    You will need a wireless network card that will plug into a PCI slot on your motherboard, they can be bought for realitivly cheap at most electronic stores.

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