Would this envelope big enough to post things like hoodies? (480 x 720 mm) Anyone who sells on eBay?!

The largest size the website has is...480 X 720mm or 48 by 72 cms, and it's bubble lined. I want to sell some of my stuff on ebay, particularly clothes. Will this envelope/package fit a hoody in to send through the post? What's the smallest package size I can get away with, and (UK Royal Mail) how much does it matter about the size of the envelope as opposed to the weight of it? Would b so grateful for any advice!


I'm trying to decide what size packages to buy off the internet so that I can send stuff in them, I dont have the actual packing envelopes on me!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Common sense would dictate going to a stationery store and buying 1 type of each envelope and testing them, then you could buy as many as you need with confidence.

  • 1 decade ago

    I bet if you tried putting the hoodie into the envelope, you wouldn't need our help. Independence!

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