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An eggcellent idea or a bad idea?

I'm a chicken when it comes to dealing with birds, though am tempted to splash out and get some of the laying variety for something nice at the weekend.

(Me and the missus like a good yolk) - hence the question.

What are the best chickens that lay, and how much can I get out of a bird in a barn when well fed ?

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    You will probably want to raise the chickens from when their very young, you can usually find new born chicks at feed stores. (You can ask them about the proper way to raise them.)

    Ask a person at the feed store for "crumble" chicken feed. Then move to "pebbles" when they are older, for the best eggs.

    Make sure to keep your hen house at least 5 degrees warmer than the outside temp, unless the outside temp is above 85 degrees F.

    Source(s): Grandfather's farm and long summers!
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    Make sure you get a few more chicks then you want to have because they die really easily. They feed store may sell them once they reach the 'safe age'.

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    what goes in comes out

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