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Just ended my period and now my vaginal area hurt itches and is really red help!!!!!!!!!

Okay i am a virgin so dont say anything about that! But my period ended 2 days ago but now my vagina area and the place between my vigina and butt hole itches really bad it hurts to sit(not sharp pains) its inflamed and really irritaded. help?!?!


i only used a tampon when i went to the pool and toke it out afterward and that was only 3 times. also it DOESNT burn when i pee please help!

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    You might have a yeast or staph infection. You should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can.

    In the mean time, wash it with mild soap and water and pat it dry with paper towels and wear cotton underwear till the doc can see you.

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    It's probably a yeast infection. You can get them when theres too much moisture down there, and not enough air flow... which might explain why you are getting this after your period. Call and make an appointment with your doctor no matter what you think. Itching and redness is not normal down there and chances are you need s\to take something prescribed to be rid of it.

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