Plus and Minus points of EARTH -MOON lagranian point L2????????

i need to know all the advantages and disadvantages of building a space city at L2. plz make sure ut is "EARTH-MOON" L2 and not some else? best answerer gets 10 points.

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  • suitti
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    1 decade ago
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    The Earth-Moon L2 point is on the opposite side of the Moon from the Earth. As a plus, it's in a radio silent area, and so it can do radio astronomy. As a minus, it's not easy to talk to Earth. But a relay could be placed at the Earth-Moon L4 or L5 position. And laser communication could preserve the radio quiet feature of L2.

    WMAP is currently at the Sun Earth L2 point. It's farther out. It's pretty radio quiet, and yet can communicate with the Earth. And that's more or less what you want for looking at the CMBR.

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