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Is it possible to access 2 yahoo email account without logging off then back into the other one each time?

We have two separate yahoo email accounts. It's such a pain because every time I walk past the computer and want to check my mail I have to log my wife off and log into my account. Then she has to do the same thing when she wants to check hers. Isn't there an easier way to have access to both of them without loggin on and off all the time?

Why can't I just keep two yahoo mail windows open? 1 logged in for her and 1 logged in for me? yahoo won't let me do that on the same computer, from what I can see.

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    The easy way is to use 2 different browsers like internet explorer and firefox and log in 1 account with each browser you just need to click the tab on the task bar to see each account.

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    Get the Firefox extension "cookieswap" or the Chrome add-on "swap my cookies." There will be an icon in the corner where you can quickly switch between any number of different profiles. So pick one, log into your email account. Pick the next profile, and you'll see your browser kick you out of that account -- log in again with your next set of credentials. Repeat for as many accounts as you have. Then re-click that first profile, and you'll be back in YahooMail with that first set of credentials still logged in.

    There are additional security features you can leverage in both plug-ins, but so far I've found both work the same for this basic activity (I have 3 yahoo accounts and 4 gmail accounts I use regularly).

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