what is Trichomoniasis and where does it come from?

I just found out that i had Trichomoniasis and i really dont know how i got it.before i met my boyfriend i wasnt sexually active with anyone and i was checked out and i was fine.And now that i go to my gyn i have trich.is this a common bacteria that women may develop on their own and how would u know if my infected partner and i dont have this infection anymore?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Trichomaniasis is a sexually-transmitted parasite, so no, you couldn't have just developed it on your own. If you weren't sexually active prior to this boyfriend, chances are you got it from him. Apparently guys don't always have symptoms, so he may not even know he has it. He'll have to go to a doctor about it since you've been diagnosed.

    Both of you should be treated at the same time and abstain from sexual activity until any symptoms you have go away. Unfortunately, the only way it's going to go away is if you (and he) receive treatment. If he doesn't get treated, he'll probably just give it right back to you.

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