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Guys do u feel bad when ur girl is against using birth control pills and instead asks u to use condoms???

u know the birth control pills can bring a lot changes in harmones sometimes effect the girls prenency in a bad bad way..


i am a girl and i am worried abut my fiance's reaction when i say tht i don want to use BC pills

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    birth control pills WILL NEVER change ur hormones and it will not harm a future preg if you take the right ones!

    Go to a doctor and take some tests is very easy, he will know what to prescribe to you...

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    I know I'm a girl. to be honest I don't notice that much difference as far as with or without condoms. guess thats why you wanted guys to answer this. but I have noticed if I was with guys that are generally used to wearing them, they don't mind either. and it is true it messes with ur hormones, I mean the pill does. I've also noticed, not so much protection against STD's, they help to prevent just common thngs like colds and flu or whatever the guy has in his system at the time, ya think thats true? hey germs are germs, no matter how they get in ya. after all it is kinda fun to have the guy pull out and whip the condom off and finish him off by hand n you or him, they seem to like that. I wanna see what the guys say too, so good luck.

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    yes I really do and here is why... that tells me that she's selfish... she wants to be protected yet at the same time she wants to put no effort into it herself... it sounds like "here, I want this, go and do it now"! Also its very stupid because condoms are very ineffective! They break all the time, most people don't know how to even use them properly! Condoms are so much less helpful than BC. I had that happen to me once. She completely ignored the fact that BC is more effective. And she even knew it! She agreed that condoms barely work and she still wouldn't go on BC! So I left her... selfish selfish girl...

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    I know my answer will get many thumbs down, but I have to answer with my honest opinion.

    You and your girlfriend should practice abstinence and then there are not worries about pregnancy and STDs. The condom can fail and many STD infected areas are outside the area covered by a condom. Once contracted the STD does NOT go away.

    I feel better by giving you the truth.

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  • Anonymous
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    No I don'tt feel bad at all. I want her to feel comfortable. Plus, who the hell would I be if I said no. There are plenty of options. Rubbers are one. You can practice the rythem method and still dump inside if you are careful. You can pull out and spray all over the person. Or you can go backdoor, no pregnancy issue there.

    I hope this helps.

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    You shouldn't be on birthcontrol if you're pregnant, then it would be very very bad for the pregnancy.. It's your choice to use condoms instead of birth control.. Condoms aren't reliable either.. They can break!

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    my babe's fine with it.

    simply explain to him that you don't feel like going through all the emotional changes etc. and you rather just have him put on a condom.

    yes,it doesn't feel as good, but oohhh well... wait til your married with him,then you can have all the babies you want, and not regret any of them..

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    No, should respect the other person's wishes, not force them to conform to yours. If your bf is doing that, first reaction is "what a dick"

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  • Anonymous
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    either way you'll be inside her.

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