Anyone know of small easily concealed handguns at reasonable prices?

I'm looking for a concealed handgun for my wife to carry. I use a Bersa Thunder .380 ACP (which is a little known brand but the gun is similar to the Walther PPKs) for my concealed carry, but am looking for something a bit smaller. However, I want something a bit larger that the Kel-Tec 380. By size I mean physical size of the pistol.

So, a handgun between these two pistols that fires either a 9mm or a .380 ACP.

The Kel-tec thats too small:

The bersa thats too large:


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    take a look at the Kahr line of pistols, the pm/km line should fit the bill and they are available in .380, 9mm, .40, .45.

    the new walther pps is in that size range also as is the ruger lcp.

    the sig p239 might be a little to large by worth looking at.

    I wouldn't call bersa a little known brand, they've been around a for awhile but they have a reputation much like taurus, quality is hit and miss. some people get a good one some people get a really bad one.

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    Kahr makes a series called the CW (concealed weapon) and they aren't too terribly big. Might be roughly the same size as the Bersa. I own a Kahr CW45 and it is an awesome little gun.

    Ruger just came out with a .380 called the LCP (Light Composite Pistol), I haven't held or shot one yet but I hear that they are nice little pistols.

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    Try the new Ruger LCP.

    Its also a .380 ACP so you won't have to buy different ammo for it.

    The 9mm Kahr is a better suggestion but it may be too big.

  • You might also see about a Makarov they are in the 9x18 not the 9x19 9mm whereas the 380 is a 9x17

    If your CC is a 380 I would not get her a 9mm

    The ammo sizes are too close together.

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    I like my Glock 36. It's 45ACP, holds 6+1, and with night sights it's a nice little weapon. Run 230gr Federal Hydrashocks, and you'll be all set. Magazines are affordable also.

    Make sure you get night sights. I prefer Trijicon, but the Glock night sights are good too.

    Source(s): Police officer.
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