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Why do we wear a hijab when praying?

I do wear hijab but when I was done praying earlier I just had a thought pop into my head. Why as Muslimahs do we have to wear hijab, dress modest, etc when praying like if we were around men? I mean I guess I wonder this bc Allah (swt) always sees us and knows what is in our minds. So why would we have to cover for Allah?

Maybe this is a dumb ? that I should know (I thought maybe just out of respect) so please forgive me for my mind pondering...


dawn we are ALWAYS in front of our God.

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    Also men have to cover part of their body when praying. Men cannot pray in shorts. I think it is out of respect. Otherwise if you are alone in the house and no one can see you, would you pray nude?

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    I do put on Hijab now however It took a couple of years after I changed. But my first drawback is compairing it to Salah. Prayer is manditory and is a seperate limitation altogether. To suggest that seeing that you don't put on Hijab complete time, you must now not pray isn't proper. You must consistently pray it doesn't matter what weaknesses you've you must nonetheless pray. When I was once now not dressed in Hijab it was once seeing that I didn't suppose I was once priceless to symbolize Islam. I was once afraid I could do whatever flawed and it could deliver disgrace to the faith and to Allah(SWT). It took me a at the same time to get powerful adequate in my iman that I felt I would be sufferer in public with individuals who weren't trained. I have had a brief mood such a lot of my lifestyles. Islam has helped me manipulate that. But At first I felt I could be an embarassment to the religion.

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    I just wanted to say that it's not a dumb question, and is in fact one that I haveon my mind a lot. I pray at home, and in a differnt room than anybody else....and God sees us all the time. If anyone we should be comfortable around it shoudl be Him, right? But obviously, I'm thinking along the wrong track, lol.

    I was always told that it's for respect, liek to show respect to God by covering because it doesn't sound right to pray and be wearing a short skirt or something.

    But I'd love to read the other answers because I've been wondering this for awhile too.

    BTW, I cover completely too.

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    I saw a lecture that one of the reasons that head covering came to be associated with religion and praying was that in those times, shampoo did not exist. Head lice was common, and hair was considered 'dirty' because it was hard to keep things sanitary. So to cover your 'dirtiness' when praying was a sign of respect and modesty, and to humble oneself--because you are presenting yourself formally to God, as opposed to just hanging out at home without a hijab on, even though God still sees you.

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    I dont cover in front of men or go outside dressed modestly because men are going to stare at me. Men will stare no matter how you dress. I cover because God asks me to. I cover when I go outside because god asked me to. I cover when I pray because God asked me to.

    It is also about humbling yourself before God. He created us and we make so many mistakes and he gave us so much and we never be entirely grateful but he keeps providing and forgiving. So you humble yourself before him.

    Hope that makes sense.


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    a state of shyness from Allah (swt), your standing in front of the Lord of lords.


    sister in the prayer we are talking to Allah (swt), it totally differs, we stand in his hands (subhanahu wa t'aala).

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