What is the average cost tearing down and removal of a 14x70 1980's mobile home, inc. axel, etc.??

Home has wood skirting,and wood deck, and is located on farm land.

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    1 decade ago
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    Cost of labor will vary from one part of the continent to another but before looking for a contractor, I would advertise on Craigslist.com and on Kijiji.com that you have a mobile home to give away c/w skirting and deck. Be honest about the fact that it needs work but . . .

    There's a very good chance that someone will be happy to come and take it away for you at no cost.

    Source(s): It's worked for me with various unwanted out-buildings, old cars, etc.
  • about $6000 depending how far you move it and the state. Call around. Look in the phone book and they can give you an estimate.

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