Does anybody else want to just cut their boobs off and get them out of the way?

I want to! I am so sick and tired of my kids ramming their elbows, heads, feet or fists into them when they climb up on my lap, sit next to me or whatever! It HURTS so much, and no matter what I do, they keep being careless.

Sometimes I want to just SLUG them so they will get the message!

Another reason for me to have them surgically removed is that my husband thinks they are play toys and is constantly fondling or honking them. For over a year, I greeted the back of his hand (while on my chest) with a hard fist. He got to where he thought it was a game, and when he saw my fist coming, he would pull away quickly to see if I would then slug myself.

I stopped doing this, as I think I might have broken his hand, and it needed to heal. A friend at work told me to honk his wiener when he does it again, but to make sure I do it hard enough to count. When I did that he told me that I am mean. Then I told him that he is disrespectful!

Don't get me wrong, there are times when it is ok for him to touch, but not when I'm making dinner or weeding the garden - etc. And especially not when the kids are nearby!

1. How do I stop the kids from carelessly hurting me? (boy age 6, girl age 11)

2. How do I get my husband to ask permission to touch?

(Hope someone got a laugh out of this, but I AM serious!)

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    Been there hun, went from a B-C to a DDD after my kid and they didnt go back.. so there goes that old wives tale.

    My husband at the time thought it great fun to grab me and squeeze hard, or to pinch a nipple ( he had radar I swear to get on thru a paded bra cup)

    What it took to make my son stop was telling him that every time he poked, hit or jumped on my chest I would step on his foot. And I did it. only took 3-4 days before he stoped, because I might not get him right when he got me. But when I did It made a impression.

    my hubby? makeing him stop was a plain old fashioned slap across the face. I had tried talking to him, tried explaining it can hurt, and its not right near the kids, tried making him ask to touch.. even tried just grabing him like you did.. the result the same. He said I was mean and that it hurt him, while he was sure I LIKED being grabed.

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    Honestly you just need to have a family meeting. Sit everyone down in the living room or kitchen table and explain to your kids that it is not nice to hurt mommy and how would they like it if someone was always punching them in the stomach (just an example there!).

    Then once the kids are gone explain to your husband how you do not think it is a game and that he should not touch at inappropriate times. Tell him you think he is being disrespectful and that if you say no you mean no. Even go as far as threatening to have them surgically removed if he can not cooperate.!

    Best of luck!! =)

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    It's kinda funny, but kinda sad : / . I would have beat down my husband by now if he did that to me. I would feel really disrespected if my husband did that. You need express to him that you don't like it and you aren't his personal play thing. If he doesn't respect how you feel and your body, then you got a problem. He isn't entitled to you.

    As far as the kids go you need to tell them that it hurts mom when they hit you there. That you don't appreciate it and that they need to be more gentle because it's a sensitive part on mommy. Like compare it to something like being slugged. Ask them if they like being hit or pinched, which they will say no to and then tell them that you don't like it either.

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    you are really just going to have to be patient with the kids. your daughter will start to be more careful when she realizes that it hurts. and for your 6 year old, there isn't really much that you can do. he wouldn't understand it if you talked to him about it. so i think that you are just going to have to be patient with him. as for your husband i absolutely agree that there are times when he should and shouldn't touch you. you might want to talk to him about it and if that doesnt work, then when you see him walk up or something then cross your arms over your chest so that your breasts are not accessible.

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    1 well the Girl you can tell her that it just hurts and you are a woman and it hurt in your place.

    2. tell your husband that he must ask to touch, and if he doesnt ask, push his hands off and dont talk to him for a while and tell him how you feel or just straight out tell him how you feel

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