What do you think about people who buy ripped jeans?

I think that ripped jeans trend is depressing. I think its fine if the jeans were accidentally ripped or if they are ripped for a good reason, like there was a stain on it and someone had to cut off part of it. But some people who actually buy pre-ripped jeans (like the ones they sell in A&F for over fifty dollars, what a RIP-off) have some serious social issues. People who rip their jeans (especially if the jeans are new) for no reason other then to look cool, I think, have issues as well.

Do you think the whole ripped jeans trend is still "in"? When do you think it died? What do you think about people who buy pre-ripped jeans/leggings/etc, or buy jeans/leggings/etc just to rip them?


Cheerchickk, please girl. Whenever I imagine ripped jeans, I imagine Elvis.

And so you are saying that you would wear something like dirty shoes with a broken heel, because it looks "cool"?

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    I don't like ripped clothing unless it is the old clothing I wear to perform work around the house.

    For those who like wearing ripped jeans in public, what do you think about ripped shirts and blouses? or ripped jackets and sweaters? or ripped socks and leggings?

  • Tarynn
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    1 decade ago

    I think there's nothing wrong with a ripped pair of jeans, I just think that in the past it's been over-killed.

    For example, a pair of ripped jeans is ok if you're going for a boho or grunge look.

    It's not ok to wear with every stinking outfit or even to your senior pictures. My brother's a senior, so over the summer he's been getting a bunch of ads from the local photographers and whatnot. One of the nicest studios in the area sent a small magazine describing their studio, surrounding area, prices, people behind the camera, example work, ect. ect. But they had one page that was describing Senior fashion trends, and one of the bigger ones was ripped jeans. Which is totally stupid. Unless boho or grunge is your thing, no one wants to see your knees poking out of your pants. You usually dress somewhat nicer than usual for senior pics, and I don't understand how lightwash ripped jeans are better than a decent pair of dark was straight legs with no holes. 20 years from now when you dig out your old senior pictures album, you're gonna ask yourself, "What was I thinking wearing those old jeans?" Oh. Yeah. That was the trend. Too bad I conformed.

    Ripped jeans have kind of been left to the Abercrombie/Hollister junkies. With the popularity of skinny jeans and the whole scene movement on the rise, the distressed look is falling by the way side. And thank goodness. And might I add, that this was only a stupid trend for middle and high school kids, never a legit trend straight from the runway?

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    Um, well I think that some ripped jeans are silly - it DEPENDS.

    I own a pair which I rather love - They have the sort of frayed ripped thing going on - you can't see any skin or anything like that.

    I think to describe the trend( if it is a trend, and I don't see it as that - rather, a -genre- of denim, if you like ) as "depressing" is a stereotypical statement, even if I see where you are coming from - the Emo clan are quite fond of their ripped jeans - and these are the extreme, flesh-showing, I-can't-afford-to-buy-jeans-is-the-look-I-am-going-for jeans. I also agree with you in that it is silly to buy a perfectly good pair of jeans and then rip them.

    But on the whole, I'm pretty sure I don't " have some serious social issues" because of my choice in, er, denim.

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    I say if you wana buy ripped jeans then go for it the inexpensive way.

    Buy an old pair and get someone to rip them for you...haha.

    If you wana be stylish then why not save some money doing it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think the ripped jeans trend looks cool,

    yee i think its still in, kinda

    youll see more people wearing them wheen its fall

    cause its hot right now, so everyone wears shorts.

    and ive never seen any ripped leggings? so i dont really knoww

    but its not that bad when they rip them on purpose , looks the same to me.

  • hi :D
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    1 decade ago

    well if this bothers you, you need to get over it. if you are not the person wearing the ripped jeans then it should have no concern over you. if you don't like the style, don't wear it and stop talking about it

  • 1 decade ago

    i luv ripped jeans. not extremely but kinda. they r still in. catch the trend

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it is totally stupid. To pay good money for jeans that are pre

    ripped just slays me. I like you pun 'rip off'. Good one!!

  • 1 decade ago

    i agree with some points you made but its just a fad that will go in and out just like all of the others. i dont think too deeply about stuff like that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think people who buy ripped jeans are satanists that want to bring the end of the world. If you see a person wearing these type of jeans, please call the FBI.

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