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Dont you find this sad that a woman expects a man to buy her a big expensive engagement ring to prove how much

He loves her.

I didnt expect a big expensive engagement ring from my husband to prove how much he loved me.


Marsh im not jealous of any woman's big expensive engagement ring..I love my small 1 and wouldnt want a bigger one.

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    Well, paint a rose on your nose. Why is this such a big deal to you? To each his or her own, and it is really nobodys business but the couple's as to how they wish to spend their money.

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    I didn't expect to get a big engagement ring.

    I received an engagement ring that has a 1/2 karat diamond in the middle, but running small diamonds down the side so it totals 3/4 karat diamond. It wasn't very expensive, only about $1100-$1200 I believe. I love it just as though it were a 2 karat diamond.

    I don't care what size my ring is, I'm in love with the man who gave it to me, not the ring itself. That's the way it should be.

    If other women want to get all stupid about the size of their ring, though, that's their business. I've gotten looks and glares at some women with giant rings and their face just screams "Wow your husband must not love you much" or "Your husband is cheap" and I personally pity them. That's just me, though. :)

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    I agree with you and have heard of women refusing to marry their bf's because their ring was too small or not what they wanted. These women think that, "If he loved me, he'd spend X amount of dollars on the ring", and that is absolutely not true. He might not be able to afford a huge diamond, or he may realize that there are more important things to blow thousands of dollars on. My husband wanted to get me a flashy ring but I told him no, I just wanted a plain solitaire that actually looks like an engagement ring, and that is exactly what I got. I wouldn't love it any more if it was a 2 carat surrounded by sapphires,

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    It is sad if that is what they think.That a big diamond equals love.

    Love = love. And if you happen to have money and good taste then no harm in getting a big ring to appreciate along with your love. I love my big, expensive ring and I'd love a bigger one on day in a different setting. It has nothing to do with the amount of love we have for each other or being greedy. It is just fashion sense. I update all of my other accessories (purses, necklaces, etc) so why not update my ring?

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    It is cultural. It is present in almost every culture around the world in different forms.

    I did not get an engagement ring, just a wedding band. I personally did not feel an engagement ring was important.

    And why are you obsessed with other people's rings??

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    My husband MADE my first ring by hand in his garage with sheets of silver & a loose diamond. I loved it! Sadly the diamond popped out because he didn't have much experience making settings so we had to buy a different one. He just upgraded me to a matching set but it wasn't necessary for me.

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    Then what is the problem??? I think is sad when people with small rings and sit around judging other women for wanting a big one. I've never met a women who was not happy when she got her ring no matter how small. It's the other hyenas that stand around in packs discussing the size.

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    I agree.. The size of diamond doesnt matter. A man can by a five carat diamond and still go out and cheat or be abusive. I'd rather have the ring of his choice and his unconditional love..

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    I don't think it has so much to do with proving his love, more than it has to do with her simple desire to have a big, expensive engagement ring.

    I don't knock another woman's game, but some of them are egregious.

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    I guess I got lucky. My fiance came with me to pick out our wedding set, and she turned up her nose at any gold and at stones. What she wanted was a nice, robust silver set. I had plenty of money, and let her know it, but we ended up with a wedding set that cost less that $300.

    Any questions as to why I'm still in love with her?

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    No! I find it sad that anyone would find it important enough to actually ask this question, and presume to pass judgement on how others spend their money or the reasons people love each other.

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