how much is a Standard rate to Rent a tux???

I'm Getting Married and i was wondering what is the...cost of renting a tux i'm Sure everywhere is different but like aprox..rate Thanks! :)

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    100 to 200 dollars.

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    The cost depends on several factors, such as where you are renting from, the style and what is included. Because there are a huge number of tux designs you'll probably see prices around $99-$200.

    I got married last March and the Tux I wore was $149.00, this came with everything including shoes from Moores Suits. The Tux i chose wasn't a basic tux, but it wasn't overly fancy. Some tuxes were as high as $300 to rent.

    Look around at a few places prior to getting stuck into renting one (unless you really like it and it doesnt seem overly expensive.)

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    Most of these answers look about right--the low end is a bit under $100, the high end around $200.

    It depends not only on where you rent, but also on what you rent. The jacket and pants alone may be only $50, but with shirt, shoes, bow tie, cummerbund or vest, studs, and cuff links, plus tax, the price increases dramatically. (The price, along with the fact that one is likely to get a pre-tied bow tie, plastic links, studs and shoes, and an ill-fitting jacket and pants, makes buying something worth considering. Better a cheap tuxedo with a little tailoring than an expensive one that doesn't fit.)

    Surprisingly little-known fact: Although often used as an all-purpose wedding outfit, the tuxedo is evening formal-wear, and should not be worn before 6:00 P.M. or sundown, whichever comes first. For day weddings, appropriate options include a suit, a stroller jacket, or a morning coat. See this site for more on the latter two:

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    If you have a wedding party with at least 3 or 4 groomsmen most places give the Groom the tux for free. Check out local stores and see what they offer. Not many Grooms end up paying for their tux… unless of course you’re not having any grooms men lol… then you can shop around, Try Men’s Warehouse I heard they were very reasonable on tuxes even better prices then the chain stores.

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    I have 7 guys to rent tuxes and they cost $107 each. Which is pretty good, I got the groom for free and $40 off each tux for picking out and putting a deposit down ($20) early. I went to Al's Formal Wear, I dont know if you have there were you live. Good Luck

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    Yanno . . . prices are going to vary from state to state. Best thing to do is get out your phone book. Call a couple of local tux places and ask them. A local men's store runs sales on tuxes for $99. That is to buy one, not rent. Maybe your date should look for a good sale? Just something to consider.

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    My husband is renting one in Los Angeles for a wedding next week. It is $75. There are several factors for the price including brand and what is being included.

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