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what do to about high blood pressure?

whats the best way to lower high blood pressure? what diet can i go on? i know i should be eating a lot of calcium and iron, what else can i do? my health insurance doesnt kick in until October so i wanted to see what i can do to lower it before seeing a dr.

any personal experiences? any advice?


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    The #1 thing you can do to lower blood pressure with out meds is lower your sodium! This has been known to drop blood pressure as much as 10 points.

    The #2 thing you can do is exercise. It has been proven to help lower blood pressure.

    I have high BP and have been told point blank by my doctor and tried it with success

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    My blood pressure was very high (190/112). I didn't actually go on a diet I just replaced fast food with raw veggies (a lot of radishes gotta love 'em!), and began doing a brisk walk 20 minutes a day.

    I also took potassium supplements (talk to your Dr. about this taking too much potassium can be harmful). I don't know how much those helped, but I had read that eating a lot of salt will increase blood pressure. I crave salt often and the potassium seems to curb the cravings. My blood pressure dropped down to normal levels within about two weeks.

    I also took American ginseng. The key with ginseng is to make sure you're not getting a mix of types as is common in many supplements. Some types increase blood pressure the American ginseng lowers it. If you do take American ginseng, I recommend taking it at night. I started off taking it in the mornings and felt drowsy during the day.

    As a last resort there are the pills the doctors want to give you instantly. They're expensive and long term side affects are not known.

    Eating healthy can do wonders not just for blood pressure but for all kinds of problems. The human body is like a car if you put bad gas into it don't expect to get good performance out of it.

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    Blood pressure measurements don't count for anything if you've been walking around. Ideally, you should be sitting down for at least 5 minutes or so. Blood pressure also can vary during the day, so it's best to get measurements from similar times during the day. No caffeine in the morning either. These measurements should be repeated on a few separate occasions. Some people get "white coat hypertension" when they go to the doctor's office because they are nervous. Probably blood pressure medicines wouldn't kill you. But you don't necessarily need blood pressure medicines if your blood pressure is only high while active. When doctors study the effects of high blood pressure, they study the effects of people who are diagnosed with it as described above. You are probably at no higher cardiac risk from your blood pressure.

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    You should read "The Blood Pressure Solution" (also available in electronic format, watch the video presentation here: ) It's a very comprehensive step-by-step book that walks you through the natural remedies of high blood pressure. It provides you with a lot of information on what foods to eat, how you can acquire and prepare these foods, how you can change your lifestyle for the better, how to eliminate the toxins from your body, how to reduce stress, how you can check your blood pressure level the correct way etc.

    The book is amazing in that it not only lowers your blood pressure without the help of medications; it also aids you in having a life that is healthy, happier, and less stressful. This book chanced my life.

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    My whole family, parents, cousins, siblings, etc ALL have high blood pressure and are on meds for it. My blood pressure is 95 over 70. The herb I use to regulate my pressure is Marijuana. If you live in a state that approves of medical marijuana, you're all set. This herb doesn't cause any side effects or long term bodily damage like prescription meds do. Many of my relatives have died in their elderly years due to kidney failure because of too much prescription drugs over their lifetimes. Sure, get some exercise and watch what you eat but stay away from the prescription meds-over 150,000 people die in this country each year because they take this poison. You don't need a doctor, you need to listen to your body and act accordingly.

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    well first of all you must lower your sodium (salt) intake that will help alot.....also lowering any stress will help keep blood pressure down....pomegranites are good for this too my mom brought her BP down from 190/80 to 150/80 in just three months from doing all these things...of course you will need medications to take you the rest of the way though

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    You can try a diet which consists of all whole, organic foods. This means avoid: refined foods, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, hormone/antibiotic treated meats, fast foods, etc. It seems to me that you really want to reclaim your health. I believe you can. It takes a lot of work and a complete lifestyle change, but once you adapt to a healthy diet you will feel better than you ever felt before. Good luck.

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    You can lower it naturally instead of using medicine. Check out Dr. Berg's website @ he has a great program of eating that makes your body much healthier all around. Good luck!

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    Exercise, drink a lot of water, change your eating habits. A diet is just a diet. Changing how you eat and your lifestyle will be the most beneficial. Reduce your sodium intake. Good luck!

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