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How do I get my 74 yr old Mother to go for a hearing test?

She says she hears fine. I don't think she is.


Thanks everyone, great answers. I'll just leave it be.

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    You cannot make another person do something they do not wish to do. Although she is 74 (I am 77) she still has the right to make her own choices. I suggest that you try another route. Do NOT raise your voice when you are speaking to her. Do NOT repeat what you have said. If she asks you to do either, suggest to her that she reconsider taking a hearing test, because from this point on, you are going to speak in a normal tone and you will NOT be repeating yourself. I should add that this should be done in a loving way without irritation or anger.

    I tried this with my husband and it worked.

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    I know you mean well, but leave her alone. I am pestered all the time by my spouse ( I am 67 ) about hearing test and hate it. I hear fine. Just to satisfy her I took one and of coarse they tried to sell me VERY expensive aids. My spouse has exceptionaly good hearing and just to prove my point, I sent her into get one. They told her the same crapola that she also needed very expensive aids. Also told her the same thing how her hearing would be totaly damage 20 years from now and tried to use scare tactics! Do the math, why in the world would I even care 20 years from now. Leave her be if she is comfortable and never trust " Miracle ear "

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    Well I kind of had that problem myself with my parents. My dad is 85 and mom is 74. I assume that your mom goes to a doctor for ''regular'' check ups. What I do when there is a problem such as that, I will call their doctor and let him know what is going on here and then when they are seen by the doctor, he can check out the problem when they are there.

    Such as, he will look in her ears and then he can ask ''can you hear ok?'' ''I think you need to see so and so and have your hearing check out a bit''. (even if she says she can hear fine)

    I have POA on my parents and I am also their caregiver. So at least that will allow me to be able to talk to their doctor about their problems. So when they tell me about a problem or if I see a problem going on, I call their doctor and we talk about the problem and he then knows more so of what to look for when he sees them.

    For the most part this does work. Good luck.

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    You don't. Stop trying as she must feel OK or she would go. Are you willing to pay for these over rate hearing aids. Your mother is old enough to know what she wants or does not want to do with her money. Maybe she has "selective" hearing like me and tired of listening to it and tunes you out.

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    LOL...I have the same problem with my mother. Recently, I have taken this route; I now talk at my regular tone, instead of being louder when I talk to her. She is now asking me to repeat myself...she has even asked me to speak a little louder...hmmmmmmmm...I may be closer to getting her in for a hearing test.

    Ears at yah!

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    Tell your mom that you're concerned about her & would feel so much better if she'd go. Mention to her that you'll treat her to lunch while you two are out & let her pick the place. Good luck!

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    LMAO. When you get the right answer let me know I have the same issue.

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    Well, this works on me (most of the time) when my wife tries it...


    Plead with her, and CRY. It's totally unfair and will definitly work.

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    Start whispering everything.

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