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Could She be pregnant? Worried..

Me and my girl were making out,

and we dont have sex (as in sticking it in)

the only closest things was

when she rubs here area on to my

thing.(not the tip of my things) and

once tired sticking it in but could not.

i dont com near her area.

could she get pregnant from the


i heard, sperm in precum come when

sperm is present in my thing

because of previous ejac,

well. my last ejac was at least 12 hours

before this happend.

what are the chances?

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    there is always a chance with precum...but was this time when you said once that time your worried about(when you tried to stick it in)??

    anyways its possible but a small chance that she could be pregnant...i know they say you need penetration to get pregnant...but if semen got anywhree near her then she has a good chance of being pregnant because they can find what they only take one to do the deed

    have her test to ease your mind

    chances are low buddy!

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    This question scares the heck out of me to be honest with you.Seeing as though it sounds like it was written by a 10 year old kid.She needs to get on some kind of birth control,and you need to wear a condom.That way the chances of asking "what if" questions will be greatly diminished.This isn't a put down towards you,but this has to be about the one thousandth question I have read where someone was worried about someone else getting/being pregnant because of having some fun without any fore thought.

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    Love these questions... "what are the chances?"

    Sweetheart, start thinking with your big head rather than your little one and get your girl friend on bc pills an inplant, a short or the ring...., or before you are 24, you will have 5 or 6 kids out there that you never planned for, and are now supporting. If she is under 18, they are free at Planned Parenthood. And if over 18, cheaper than a month of diapers.... and the $250,000 you and she will spend getting it to age 18.

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    ive taken three sex classes-- there is a chance she could get/be don't have to enter her, and preejaculate contains the highest concentratoin of sperm (versus your ejaculation), so it is possible. my teachers are sex education counselors/physciatrists, adn told us about a case of theirs when the couple cam ein on the verge of divorce, the guy was p$$d that he never had intercourse with his wife, but she had two kids, adn he thought she tampered with the court ordered adn preformed dna tests(both kids were his)....what you and you gf do is called outercourse

    and the length of time between ejacualtions doesn't really matter until your talking ages (of the man)....sperm is in every pre-ejac and ejaculation, but constant ejacs just mean less in the semen

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    yes there is sperm in precum... BUT it would take ALOT of luck to actually get pregnant from it. The air kills the sperm pretty quick.

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    If sperm or precum gets any where around her down there then yes she could get pregnant.

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    There is a very small but very real possibility. Wear a condom in the future to avoid the worry.

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    I dont think so... if ur not near her "area" then u should be ok

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    i doubt she is pregnant... your in the clear.. lol

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