My man lied but need help handling it and understand the reason??

Now we had some rough arguements mainly tryin to test n get used to each other.. see... He is used to goin out (younger than me) with his friends and I am used to stayin home, This was a big difference as tryin to figure out time for us. Besides we both work. Also learning about each other especially our differences. We have learned a lot. But sometimes I spazz quick on certain decisions he makes and does nto make. I believe what he says and unfortuantely cuz he depends so much on other ppl to get things done, most things never happen. I tried explaining he needs to depend on himself n not others when it comes to doin things for us. NOW recently he was tellin me something and I found it strange, So I did check up on it.. And it was a lie. Now he went above n beyond to see this lie through. I mean details. But all a lie. Then I asked him what else he lied about. And he started tellin me HE WAS SORRY, he was mad at himself cuz he has disappointed me so many times. HE actually cried. 3 Xs. Come to find out a few lies involved a few friends. NOW I did not know this until after HE actually let me call one of his friends (yeah he thought I would not take it that far, but I did. I stated I wanted to take to his best GIRL friend and discuss him with her, and she called me back quicker than he expected). Well his girl friend even stated he fibs sometimes but with good intentions (which to prevent hurting someone or . He is her friend bbut everything that comes out his mouth, is not the full truth. HIS GIRL. Then she found out a lie he stated about her and one of her girls that involved all us going out. So now 2 of his friend, he lied about to me statin we was all going out together. WTF! WHY! NOW his 2 girls mad at him cuz he lied and was caught in it. He actually is afraid right now of them. LOL. Now the 2 girls even mentioned that maybe we 3 could go out even considering the circumstances. NOW lie 3 n 4. Something was coming in the mail but yet is not. ALSO he was getting something from his MOM n DAD and come to find out this was a lie also.. Lied about his mom n dad, And that about a _itch. So I am mad. trying to figure out something. HE said for all these lies, he was SORRY. He does not want to lose me. THAT he was afraid of disappointing me (which he said he did anyways), afraid of me not believeing in him (which he said he did anyways while crying), afraid of not making me happy (which he said, right now he knows I am not (still crying)). He wants to give me things, he wants to be there, he loves me. He did nto realize that I loved him Just for him and nothing more. (still teary).. And he hopes that I give him this one chance to prove himself, redeem himself and give me all the things he knows I deserve. And he wants to be the man in my life and the man i deserve. (wiping tears off face). I told him I would have to really think about it. NOW I talked with his mom before I new about the lie pertaining to her and she even stated that he rarely lies about thinbs and her exact praise was that was so out of context for him. So some ppl help plz. Sorry for writing a book but I appreciate anyones info on this.

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    I don't know the severity of the lies. What makes me skeptical and what I think should make you cautious is the number of lies he told to the number of people he told.

    I do think you should give him a chance and tell him if he is caught in another lie, that would ruin his relationship with you.

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