am being charged with 2 counts of assault and now the da has picked up a pc422 what am i lookin at

a fight happen i hit the person one time and then a month later the person called police stating i threatin her the da picked that up as a pc422 so to cases to arraingment dates i have no record am a proffesional woman with a carer what am i lookin at the person has harrased me for 2 years and is a federal parole but cant seem to get any help from the systdm to stop her

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Can she prove you threatened her...Can you prove she has been harrassing you for 2 years..Do you have police reports regarding the harrassment etc. Professional what?

    Possible the only thing that will stick is that you admitted to hitting her in a fight...for that you could pay with time and money. She may want the criminal in order to get civil. She will probably win...

    Unless you can prove you struck her in self defense and there are witnesses. And you can prove she was harrassing you for a legthy period of time.

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