Would I be able to use my camcorder's built in microphone as my computer microphone for live applications?

I have a Sony Handycam DCR-HC38 MiniDv camcorder and I was wondering if there was some way I could integrate/connect my camcorder to the computer and set it up as a microphone? I don't want live camera on my computer, I just want to use the microphone part, and I'm using for a broadcasting program, called SAM and also for instant messenger like AIM for voice calling. Any suggestions?

I have a firewire connection and a usb connection available for the camera to connect to the computer.


I have a headset w/ microphone (logitech) and two free standing computer microphones and the quality isn't as good as my camcorder's microphone. So I just wanted to try it out and see how it would sound. But thanks anyways. (The logitech head set is by far the best out of all the mics I own, besides my camcorder).

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    If you just want to use the microphone part then just go to a local computer store in your area and buy a set of headphones with the mic,

    thats what I did and it works great!

    Note: Headset costs around 10$-20$

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