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Shaggy/skater Hair, please help...(pics included)...NEED MALES WITH THIS TYPE OF HAIR!

well i got a new haircut as u can tell from these picttures, and it was like a shapeup. sort of but it was more of a clean up, and she used siccsors to layer my hair with a comb, combination.

tbh i dont like the way my hair looks now,, its exaclty the same except that she jjust cut my hair on the side and didnt touch my hair on the top. Now my head looks different, weird, and i dont like it cause it sorta makes my head looks like a " V " hair gets alot more when going up....or widening there is more hair. Now i want to do something new by growing my hair out shaggy like this sorta (shaggy)

and yes i want the sides up like that at the end, how do i do that part, thanks. Also how do i grow my hair out shaggy, cause my hair tends to just sit there when grown it just gets taller, upward hair is also somewhat thick. Please try to answer all my questions, so please read back, thanks.


wow that did not help at all..

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    yess u should totally get ur hair like ryan sheckler!!!

    ahh omg he is sooo HOTT!!

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    I frequently want short hair on men. I by no potential used to love lengthy hair, yet i imagine it is in basic terms because maximum men with lengthy hair do not keep it properly groomed. purely men with particular facial structures can carry off lengthy hair with out searching effeminate. If it fairly matches a guy and he keeps it tidy besides the indisputable fact that, then lengthy hair can seem innovative and somewhat mysterious. darkish, instantly hair indirectly seems extra maculine than blond or curly. On a woman, i love lengthy hair. I tend to be interested in darkish hair too, yet i'm no longer so fussy about hair colour on women human beings! i love it to be organic... no longer layered or dyed, yet in strong condition. somewhat wild per chance. LOL Ah, American football. I keep seeing human beings on the following element out tremendous Bowl, and that i have had no concept what it really is!

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