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Thin eyebrows, bumps, uneven

my eyebrows are really thin and i've been trying to grow them. i need to pluck everyday because they get really messy. i haven't tried waxing yet, i need to decide that still (ouch!).

take a look at this picture:

if you can see, they're uneven (i know that!) but i have white patches where the rest of my eyebrows should be. do you have any suggestions as what i can do to make it the same colour as the rest of my skin?

and also, i get tiny bumps where i pluck. it gets me down alot and when i apply make-up it goes flakey and obvious.

DON'T REPLY WITH "STOP PLUCKING" even if that's what i should do. i'd like more suggestions that that thank you.

and how long would it take?

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    The only thing you can do is draw them back on by hand or with a stencil. The best in the Industry is Anastasia for eyebrows. I would suggest getting their 5 piece or 7 piece kit

    You should use the stencil to draw eyebrows on either with a pencil or the powder that comes with it.

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    seriously you are actually really pretty! i cant see anything that you listed. if anything just play with makeup looks. i like your makeup in the second pic. you do not need any surgerys and honestly once your older your cheekbones will become more defined cuz we dont stop growing til our 20s. try concealer for those under-eye circles. to me you look around 14 and i would guess your indian. hope i helped, good luck!

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    try a tanning lotion that is your skin tone

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