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(Guys) Will you not be attracted to a girl b/c she has short hair?

I've recently cut my hair to 3 inches around my head, and have been feeling self conious about it especially since all guys say they like long hair. People tell me i can pull it off very well, but i'm still wondering if guys only like girls with long hair.

Thanks for your time.

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    Not all guys like long hair. Short hair (or even bald heads) suit some women just fine.

    Go with what YOU like. If a guy doesn't like you for your hair, he's too petty anyway.

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    My wife has shoulder length hair now but it was very short when I met her. That didn't turn me away. However, I will tell you this. One day, back when we were still dating, we went to a mall and a girl started hitting on her. Right in front of me!!! So there might be some girls out there who make the wrong assumtion about you because of the short hair. Maybe some guys too. I say the hell with em! Do what makes you feel good. If you are comfortable with short hair it will show outwardly as confidence and guys freaking love confident girls.

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    Not really a straight answerable question. Different guys like all sorts of styles on girls.

    To illustrate, a friend of mine and I were watching TV when an advert came on for female hair straightening products. The woman in the Ad had curly hair (which she didn't like), used the hair straightening kit. She then declared afterwards that she thought she looked better with the straightened hair. To my surprise, both my friend and I remarked simultaneously that she looked so much better with the curly hair!

    The moral of my anecdote is that there is not one size fits all scheme which all guys like. Some guys would definitely prefer short to long hair.

    Hope this helps.

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    Well, I'm not a hair-dresser, but I think I have a pretty good eye for symmetry, shape and form. I would say it's not an easy question to answer without seeing you; the shape of your face; the LENGTH of your face; your height etc. Any number of things that would make short/long hair look GREAT on one girl would make it seem inappropriate on another.....I will say this, however: if you've got a boyfriend, HE'S the one you want to listen to.

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    I'm not a guy but cut my hair short like yours often. Everyone, even guys are going to have a different opinion. Some guys say that if a girl looks good with short hair, than she just must be pretty, period!

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    Young guys like long hair because of its ideology and the way women are viewed in our culture. Some more mature guys though have a tendency to start to like the shorter-hair after they have had some experience with women. Shorter hair is less maintenance and thus the woman it is attached to is a little less maintenance. You can take her out and have fun without worrying if she is going to have a conniption fit over a broken nail.

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    To tell you the truth I hate long hair.. mostly because my wife has long hair but thats beside the point.

    Maybe u could include a pic, but I am sure you're beautiful anyways if people are saying you pull it off well. If they really didn't think that, they would say "Ohh my gosh, it's so cuuuteee!!"

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    Of course not. I respect women who chose practicality over looks (in this case, short hair over long hair due to the fact that it's lower maintenance).

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    wow, some guys here r mean! i think it can b sexy, on some girls though lol like punk girls with short dark black hair, sexy!! but don't worry what anyone thinks, unless u really like someone and that person is into the long hair

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    i honestly prefer long hair. but i've met girls who can pull off short hair very well. and if people say you pull it off you should be fine. that hair really shouldnt be a big deal, if i liked you enough, i could give a crap what your hair looks like.

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    well men usually associate long hair with the beauty that is typical of all women. In today's homophobic society, men usually associate short hair with men, so they might not be as attracted to it as they would be to long hair.

    in my opinion, it doesn't matter as long as whatever style you have suits you well. if you can pull it off, i don't think it should matter much


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