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Tips for starting High School?

Hey I'm gunna be starting High School in less than two weeks. This is going to be the first public school i've ever been to [but it's fundamental]. Got any tips for me? Like how to make a good first impression and stuff. I know quite a few people who are going to be a freshman like me, and I also know quite a few sophomores. And i'm pretty social and good with making friends. =] Thanks


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    don't worrry about it! it's so nothing. when i was an upcoming freshmen i was so scared. now i'm about to be a junior. just be yourself. you'll make plenty of friends. stay away from drama! and drama starters. make sure your actions won't get people talking sh!t.

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    Just think.. EVERYONE is nervous just like you. But don't even worry, it's honestly not even a big deal. As for first impressions, you should definitely lay low, so other people don't think you're interested in being involved in drama and stuff like that.

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    Get you some buddies. have relaxing. you basically have one hazard at extreme college, take excitement in it at a similar time as you could. while i became in extreme college, i became a wallflower. Now i glance returned and sense sorry approximately it. needed I had made extra buddies, had extra relaxing, participated in extra stuff. there isn't something i will do approximately it now, yet you're basically beginning. do not make a similar blunders that I did. via the way, do not ignore to maintain your grades up interior the approach. The artwork isn't not undemanding in any respect.

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