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Is this toooooo much???

I just got out of a LTR. about a month ago. My ex and I are totally over. A friend of a friend moved into her parents house (to rent out the basement) a few months ago, and while i was in my relationship he always expressed intrest in me to my friend. when he found out i broke up with my bf, he asked for my number. the first week we hung out a few times. but this past week we have been inseperable. as soon as we get home from work we meet up, cook dinner and just relax. we arent being sexual yet, besdies kissing (which is amazingggg and intense) we dont even need the tv on we just bullsh*t all night. he just got out of a bad relationship as well. its like we click and have this nweird chemistry. its so weird and random bc he alwyas looked at me like "stephines lil sister friend". but we clickkk..hes persuing me. asking me to hang out and tells me everyday how he neverr would have thought we would click like this and he cant get enough. is this toooo much??? are we hanging out wayyy too much?? he says no, leets just enjoy it and stop trying to find the negitive. im afraid though. and to be honest i havent thought about my ex "in that way" since...its soooo strange but im loving it just as much as he is....rebound??? any one eveer been though this??? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have been through the rebound relationship and it definitely sounds as though both of you are in this situation now. It can work out but the reality is that it usually does not. If you want it to have a chance, keep it at friendship for a while. You should get to know each other as friends without any romantic pressure. Your partner should be your best friend and you should be there for each other. If it is not possible for several months, what will it be if you get involved and then find that under normal life together, you have too many differances and expectations toward the future? Sure it feels good now, any new romance does in the beginning and we all desire to have the feeling of being wanted and loved. If you want to keep that, take it slow and you will know when it is more than just your horemones. If it does work out in time you will be able to think back and be able to again recapture the way you build the relationship to get you through the slower parts that happen in all relationships.

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    Rebound relationships can work, but it seems you two are together to much. He may be trying to forget by wanting to be with you all the time. Slow it down and see what his reaction is. You may be loving it now, but you don't want to be hurt in the long run.

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