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If I stole some hardware from Nick Lidstrom, would he even notice?

I would only snatch up a Norris and a SC ring. He might just give them to me.

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    IIRC he keeps 1 Norris in his home in the suburbs of Detroit. The rest are in his home in Sweden. If you an get over there during the middle of the season he won't be there and you would have 5 to choose from. I bet a Cup ring or two would be there also.

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    he wouldnt notice but he'd shut you down and the Norris trophy should be renamed to the Lidstrom trophy

    Source(s): Lidstrom trophy collection
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    He's got so many Norris', he may just have a garage sale of them soon.

  • If you are going to do that , can you get me a Norris while you are at it? Thanks.

    I think he would notice though. But you could ask

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  • your question implies that he doesnt have 360 degree vision, perfect reflexes and an uncanny ability to defend himself and the people around him.

  • Shouldn't this be in the "legal and moral" section?

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    he's so good one on one you probably wouldn't even get past him to get to his trophy room.. let us know what happens... good luck

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