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how do you play xbox games on xbox 360 system but there is an update for the game?

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    Updates that allowed old XBOX games to be played on a 360 are made by who ever the game developer is. They make the updates available only through XBOX Live.

    So unfortunately, if you want to play it, you have to be able to connect to Live with your XBOX.

    The good news is that this kind of update is free, and you don't need a gold account to get updates automatically.

    EDIT: Actually Resurrection has the best answer - I didn't know there was a way to burn updates as you needed them to a CD. In that case you'd just need a PC that can burn discs with access to the Internet.

    Good luck!

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    Only some Xbox games work on the 360 if there is a game alot of people like and they made a new one for 360 but the old one doesnt work you'll have to buy the new one :o

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    You have to go online and download an update for your Xbox360

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