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my lab has hair missing on the front of his hind legs?

it looks like mange, and its been there for a while, but its not anywhere else. it started at the begging of summer, so I'm thinking it might be dry skin or where he has licked it off. any ideas?

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    How much play and exercise is your lab getting??

    He may very well be stressed out, under exercised and bored. Dogs will find things to amuse themselves when this happens. This can include licking themselves, often on the forelegs like you describe, to the point where they can lick off the hair and even go as far as to create open wounds on their legs.

    More exercise and mental stimulation can easily solve the problem.

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    my dachshund had the same thing. When we went to the vet with it they took a sample of her skin, turned out that they were mites. Not bad, but you should go to the vet to get some creme to put on it every night.

    hope i helped

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