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talking my mom into getting texting

usually for cristmas and/orbirthday i get about 100 at least total

and i dont have a texting plan, and im not allowed to textt

do you think whenever i get enought money to pay for texting she'd agree to get unlimited if i paid for it


cuz i have some friends that just wont stay on the phone for more than a minute to have an actual conversation

they do everythinggg through texing..expesically guyss

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    cuz i didnt have textin and then i asked my mom for

    unlimited and she let me pay for it if i had the money

    and i did sooooo..... i got it know!!(:

    Source(s): i know how u feel. hope it works!
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    yes that is what i am doing with my parents

    i recommend if more that 3 people in a plan try to get a plan that the whole plan gets unlimited texting then she might pay for a little. It is normally the same price

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    Tell your mom that even though you are not allowed to text, you cannot control who texts you, there's no way to shut it off, and you still have to pay for that. To protect the family budget from a high bill, it's a good idea to have unlimited texting.

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    I think that sounds like it just might work. It's awfully mature of your to offer to pay for it yourself. She'll probably see that, if she doesn't well not texting isn't the end of the world. You can always "talk," on the phone.

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    get the t mobile sidekick and it comes already with unlimited text which you cant take off so shell have no choice but let you ge unlimited text

    Source(s): im switching to verizon to get the sidekick =]
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    yeah why would she not if she isnt it is unfair

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