How do i add media to my Verizon blackberry Pearl?

I have a usb cable. but when i go to plug it into my laptop, nothing pops up. I also try opening the VZWAcces Manager program but i dont understand how (if i even ca add media using this) to add media such as videos, music, pictures etc.can someone please help?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I would recommend unplugging the usb and doing a battery pull on your blackberry (just pull the battery out...wait like 10-30 seconds and plug it back in). Let your blackberry reload and plug it into your computer and see if anything pops up then. Also do you have a memory card in your phone?

    If you can get it to work after battery pulling you should be able to drag and drop music, pictures, videos, whatever into the blackberry as if it were a hard drive. I dont ever use manager program.

    good luck.

  • handly
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    4 years ago

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