what is the best kind of camcorder to buy?


well the camcorder would just be like for home videos mostly. nothing professionaly or anything

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    Best for what? Home movies, music videos, skateboarding, broadcast TV, zero light, really loud or really low audio, professional, high altitude, documentary, standard definition or high definition, movie-like, slow motion...

    What is your budget? Entry level toys can be had for ~$80; high end professional rigs can be $80,000 or more.

    What will you edit the video with - computer? What editing application do you want to use?

    If you can provide some detail, a more appropriate level of help can be provided.

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    We agree with Little Dog. It all depends on what you need to film and what format you need it to be in. Your budget will also be a major factor.

    Once you narrow down your most common filming situations or needs it will be easier to narrow down a good selection of choices from the hundreds currently available. Chances are that you will probably want a CMOS based camera system to help save time, money, and weight, but that still leaves several hundred different models that may or may not fit your particular situation.

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