Is labor really as bad as it sounds? If you had to pick, Natural or C Section?

Im just curious, im getting kinda nervous, im only 18 weeks, but the more i think about it the more nervous i become. Is there a trick to making it less painful or is there just nubain and an epidural for that? And if you had to pick would you choose natural or c section? Any stories and advice would be great thank you =)

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    I suggest Natural- but with help :)

    O.k. I am a mom of two. The first time I had hopes of going all natural- but wasn't successful...but the second time- I had a wonderful experience going natural! I would recommend it to anyone- I was so proud of myself and felt so accomplished! Let me explain:

    The first time I worked with a regular doctor who ended up totally going against my birthing plan. I always thought that the doctor would be there to help you through your delivery- maybe some do but mine came in only after I was in there alone all night at the last minute and did all the things I specifically said I had not wanted (used forceps- gave me an episiotomy). Plus I had been anxious thru the night and ended up using I.V. drugs a few times but no epidural. My baby still came out healthy - so I was happy in the end.

    But, the second time I worked with a mid-wife. I had told her my hopes for a natural delivery and a I had all the help I needed to be successful.

    She came in to check on me very often. I also had another nurse there to assist often. Here are some things that helped. While my contractions were just starting I went into the birthing hot tub- but just to relax for a while. Then after they progressed I returned to the bed and kept a cold cloth on my head and kept an ice pack behind my lower back. I took my time and tried to work with my contractions. My midwife massaged my stomach and did other things to help me relax. It was a much better experience than the first time. I was in labor for about 6 hours - but only pushed for about 30 min's. It was the greatest feeling of accomplishment and relief I had ever felt when my beautiful baby boy came into the world and they placed him on my chest. Sure it really hurt and after I was tired and achey - but it was great! I didn't even stay 2 nights in the hospital- all was so well with us that I was ready to leave by dinner time the next day :) .

    I personally would never want a c-section. Unless for certain medical complications there is really no need for a c-section. Although they are much more common these days. They cut you open and take out the baby and stitch you up. You can't even hold your brand new baby until they are done trying to put you all back together. I was able to hold and nurse my baby and keep him warm and bond with him for at least a half hour before they even took him and cleaned and weighed him. I had to sit on ice packs for the first night - but by the time I went home I felt pretty good. I am not sure how it is to heal from a c-section, but being major surgery- I bet it is a little harder. I would rather be feeling good and getting used to being a new mom.

    Either way, I am sure you and your baby will be happy and healthy. My girlfriend had 2 c-sections and she and her boys are healthy and happy. Whatever makes you feel the best I guess is the way to go. But I hoped this has helped you to make a good decision for you. Best of luck! and Congrats! Being a Mommy is the best thing in the world!

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    It isn't as bad as it sounds. I had two children naturally with no epidural. It can be done. I would never want to have a c-section (although I would if it were medically necessary). A c-section is major surgery and takes a lot longer to recover from than a vaginal birth. I also went without an epidural, but that is a personal choice. I was more afraid of having a needle in my back than I was of giving birth. Plus, I've known a few people who had unpleasant side effects from epidurals and I didn't want to have to deal with that. If you don't want an epidural, you can still get Stadol which is a muscle relaxant that they put in your IV. It doesn't numb you so you can still feel to push the baby out, and it wears off quickly. I had it with my first child but not with my second. Personally if I had to do it again I'd go without the Stadol too, but if you have a very long labor it can help to take the edge off. Does your hospital offer childbirth classes? You should really look into one. They can teach you some relaxation techniques. The main advice I can give you is to try to relax and have a positive attitude. Don't let anyone scare you with horror stories of how hard it will be. Everyone's labor is different and we all have different levels of pain tolerance. Just talk over your options with your doctor and relax and know that you can do this. Everyone gets scared, but it will be the most worthwhile thing you have ever done.

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    I was the same way you are, the more I thought the worse I got. But to be honest, yes it hurt but only when there were really bad contractions and until the got the epidural :) My advice is just hold out until the last possible moment when they tell you that you have to get the epidural that moment or you can't have it, I was in labor for 23 hours and i wanted until 3 in the morning to get the epidural and it made it so much eaiser I had no pain after that. When everyone says that its worth it in the end they are not liying. All that pain will seem like some one just took it off you when you see your baby for the first time. Now as for the c section my sister had two of them, it was horrible. It seems like it would be the easy way out, but it's not. She didn't even get to hold her babies afterward. Plus she couldn't pick them up for at lest 6 weeks, someone had to hand them to her and even then she couldn't hold them for long.

    Anyway no one is really going to make you feel better until it really happens. But I promise it's worth it. I would also suggest reading what to expect when your expecting. They really describe some things and are pretty much right on the money with everything.

    Best of luck

    Source(s): My own child, and "What to expect when your expecting"
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    With my first child I had an epidural and never felt a contraction. I pushed for two and a half hours and he kept climbing back up. His heart rate also dropped each time I pushed. They rushed me in for an emergency c section and he was fine. The c section did not hurt much. I was walking around the next morning. It did hurt when I would sneeze, laugh or cough. The pain is uncomfortable but the baby makes all of it go away. Many women are different and would want different things. You and your doctor need to decide which is best for you and your baby. Talk it over with your doc and tell him your thoughts, fears etc. This will be the best way for you to decide. I know my doctor would not let me decide. It was a vaginal birth unless there are complications and actually when I had my second I had no choice but to have a c section. There are hi possibiliites that your uturian wall will break after you have a c section which means to me only do it if neccessary but you need to decide that for yourself. There could be other reasons that a c section would be better which I am not aware of.

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    I had an Emergency C-Section with my son after being in labor, so in a way i got to experience both. The labor was not comfortable but it was not the WORSTE pain you can have. My babies heart beat started going down so that is why they did the emergency C-Section. First they roll you back to a cold and sterile room were you feel like an animal on a slottering table. Then they make you completely numb from the chest down. They put up drapes so you can't even see if they are really even taking your baby out or what they are doing. They did not offer my husband to cut the cord or anything. It was the worst thing i have ever experienced. Then you have recovery. Because you can not get out of bed yourself they will not let your baby be alone with you for the first 24 hours. Yes, that is right..... your baby has to be taken out of the room if no one else is in there with you. Then when you go finally get to get up and go to the bathroom you can hardly move your legs. It is painful to even walk! Finally when you master that you will have to deal with the fact that your stomach stays numb for a long time after it is all over. Mine is still numb and i had my son 6 months ago. It is still painful if i lift things that are too heavy. Also, i had to be on pain medication for the first 1 - 2 weeks after giving birth. So that is also something you will have to think about if you want to breastfeed. There is a great new movie out you should watch . I am not trying to scare you from a C - Section because my baby is health and happy and i would do it again if it meant his heath but as far as being easier that would probably be a no. I would prefer a vaginal birth and i am thinking of doing a VBAC next time. I hope this helped. (Also, while i was pregnant i was just as nervous as you about natural child birth. It is normal to feel that way. There also might be classes you can look into that may help your fears.) ;) Again good luck!

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    I was so terrified when I was pregnant with my son, that I was actually have panic attacks!

    And when I went into labor.... I didn't even know it. Initially, it felt like cramps associated with a period, but they didn't last as long or hurt as bad.

    Once they broke my water.. it was a bit more intense, but still tolerable. Honestly, by the time it does get to the point of where you think you can't handle anymore.. that's when the baby comes. And the pushing doesn't hurt. In fact, I found it almost to be a big relief.

    I had a natural delivery, without an epidural. And I DO NOT have a strong threshold for pain. So that says a lot.

    Keigal excercises are really good to do while you are pregnant, as they strengthen those muscles, and lessen your chance of having to have an epesiotomy (which was such a terrifying thought).

    But also keep in mind... every woman is different.. every pregnancy is different.. and every delivery is different. But I would never opt to have a c-section.

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    Is labor really as bad as it sounds? If you had to pick, Natural or C Section?

    Im just curious, im getting kinda nervous, im only 18 weeks, but the more i think about it the more nervous i become. Is there a trick to making it less painful or is there just nubain and an epidural for that? And if you had to pick would you choose natural or c section? Any stories and advice...

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    Well I definitely wouldn't PICK a C-Section. Um, labor pretty much lived up to my standards. Yes it was painful. But it wasn't horrible and it didn't last long before I got my epidural. The Epidural takes all the pain away. Now, I didn't do any pushing so I can't tell you anything about that; I had a C-section. The reason I wouldn't pick it though is that it they cut through your stomach muscles. You use that muscles for EVERYTHING. When you cough, sneeze, walk, pee, stand up, you're using that muscle. It takes a long time to heal. But even w/ the c-section (he was a breech baby) it isn't that bad. They give you pain meds, and the worst of it is over by the time you get out of the hospital. I think I had to stay 6 days. So I was able to adjust to the baby very well. In the very first days you can send him to the nursery if you are tired or need to eat or shower. It's sad to be away, but it also gives you time to take care of yourself and adjust. Honestly, you're to distracted by the little one to care much for anything else. It's a blast. Good Luck!

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    Like you I was very scared to give birth. I too contemplated a c-section (I thought it would be easier). My labor had to be induced, and I had an epidural which DID NOT HURT at all. The anestesiologist was very quick. I did not feel any of the labor pains...when it came time to push my epidural wore off and I couldn't have anymore. I wound up having my daughter naturally. It didn't hurt nearly as much as I scared myself into thinking. I healed up quickly (even went to the grocery store after I got discharged) and did not regret having a vaginal birth.

    I am so glad that I did not have a c-section because I watch my cousin have such a hard time with it. Good luck to ya, and don't be scared.

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    Getting the head out is the hardest part. Contractions are very painful, but there's where the life saving epidural comes in! If I had a choice.. my cop out would be to have a c-section done because then I wouldn't have to go through any pain, just pressure.. but then when I think about the recovery time after wards... I would much rather push the baby out and "get it over with" than to have to go through weeks of pain! I've had 4 vaginal births and I'm glad I did!! Good luck! You'll do fine!!!!!

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