how to knit with 3 needles?

i just got a pattern for socks using knitting with 3 needles could someone please give me some basic advice i am a beginner knitter i crochet much better

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    Well, knitting with double pointed needles takes 4 or 5 needles, actually. You cast on your stitches over 3 or 4 of the needles and knit with the last empty one. You don't knit back and forth but around and around, so you have to make sure that your cast on stitches are not twisted around any of the needles or you cannot get the twist out later on. I suggest that you cast onto one needle, then divide the stitches onto the other needles evenly. Then lay the needles out flat on a table in a straight line to make sure that the cast on is on the same side of all the needles. Then, take the needle with the first stitch cast on (this should be the leftmost needle) and the one with the last stitch cast on in each hand. Bring them up and move the last stitch cast on to the other needle. Now pick up the first stitch cast on and pull it up and over that last stitch and then move this one to where the last stitch was on the other needle. You are now joined without a twist and with no space between the stitches. You can now knit around. Keep in mind that your working yarn will always becoming from the needle on the right. Sometimes if you put things down you forget which way you were going, this is how you tell. Leave as many needles as possible resting on the table and knit the stitches from the needle in your left hand with the last empty needle. When the needle in your left hand is empty, pick up the next needle, and knit that with the now empty needle. When you get back to where the stitch is knit for the first time you need to put a stitch marker of some sort onto the needle or the work so that you can recognize where the round (rows knit around are called rounds) begins and ends. Continue working around according to your pattern for another 4 or 5 rounds which will give you enough fabric knitted to keep the needles stable when you pick it up to knit held in front of you. Sticky notes will help you to keep your place in the pattern as you work. E-mail me when you get to the heel, because most novice sock knitters panic when they try to understand those directions. I'll be happy to help you out.

    Source(s): I have been knitting for 53 years.
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    working on double pointed needles are not as hard as people are led to believe. you are only working with 2 needles at a time. this site will show you how this is done.

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