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Is it possible that I am overtraining?

I am currently lifting 4 days a week, M,T, TH, F, about 2 hours per session. Am I overtraining? My nutrition and sleep are both excellent, but I worry that I may be doing too much in the gym itself. For example, I spend about an hour twice a week performing supersets of a bicep workout, followed by a tricep workout, and switching among 4-5 lifts for each of those parts. I usually feel pretty fresh going into each workout, but I still worry that I won't be making gains if I'm training too much.

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    nope i train 7 days a week 3 hrs a day and i am fine

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    it incredibly is attainable to over prepare yet that time is diverse for each guy or woman. you be attentive to you're over practise while you're continually drained and getting sick better than customary. between the superb alerts of over practise is once you're working very complicated yet you end seeing advancements on your cases, speed, weights... those style of issues. while you're over doing it to lots you will definitely see decreases in overall performance no count how complicated you are attempting. while you're at this component its superb to take 5-7 days off. once you come again you will many times have advancements out of your previous routines.

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    go for 3 days a week all body parts that way you get rest and muscle train hard( high intensity) and the muscle will come fast

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