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Should i text him or not?

we only went out on 2 dates but i feel really close to him! on the first date we kissed and it felt like .. great!!

I kinda miss him a lot but it's not love. Should i text him?

To be honest..I don't want to! =/ I don't want him to think that i'm obsessed with him or something!


yeah.. he told me that we should meet again and i said yes obviously hehe :) he just don't really want a relationship right now! =/

i mean it has only been 2 dates and i know we're not gonna commit right now.. it's gonna take time..

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    It's just a text.

    Go for it.

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  • just do it if you have something legitimate to say but you need to give him some space too. you don't want to sound too clingy either. The thing about it is that a guy can't see you or talk to you every day because that makes it a relationship and even in the beginning of a relationship the same rule applies because that makes it a serious relationship. Dumb I know. But play it out and it'll work itself out.

    I'm actually going through the same thing right now, except I work with him...I haven't seen him or talked to him since tuesday and it's driving me batty lol.

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    If everything went good I highly doubt he'll think your obsessed if you text him, infact he might be waiting for you to contact him, but if it helps your own peace of mind wait a day or two before you do. I think you should and when you do just let him know you had a good time and would love to hang out again sometime soon.

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    You have already kissed whats wrong with a text?...texting can mean anything from friendship to romance and anything in wont look desperate....text harm in that

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    No. Don't chase boys.

    If he wants to get in touch he will.

    If he doesn't, then you texting him will make you look desperate.

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