Is this wrong????????

I get along better with guys than i do with girls, {i am a girl}

I'm a major tomboy.

But i also have a very loving nature {gosh that sounds stupid}

So i think this is starting to cause a problem.

I have a boyfriend.

But as i already said, i hang out with guys most of the time.

So i do tend to put my head on a guys shoulder, or walk with my arm in his, or constantly give hugs.

Is this so wrong?

I do not have a crush on these guys and i'm definatly not cheating on my boyfriend, it's just the way i am!

How do i confince people that i'm not some slut or something?

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  • Mara
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    1 decade ago
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    I understand this because I get along better with boys as well ( I am girl)

    BUT this means that even though you get along with boys better you need to respect the boundaries between male and female. No unnesarry hugging or touching.

    How would you feel if your boyfriend was hugging other girls or putting his head on their shoulders or walking arm in arm with them?

    That is not cool.

    Besides you may be giving off the wrong vibes to your guy friends and they may start either thing you like them as more then friends or they may start getting a crush on you.

    So value yoru relationship with you friends and your boyfriends and resepct their boundaries.

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