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advice on future Disneyland visit?

3 weeks ago I went back to Disneyland. Before that my last time there was 12 years ago, when I was 5 years old. It was also my first time to see CA Adventure and also before its retheming soon. It was a good thing my parents finally let me go back. I was getting autographs because 12 years of not going back is a long time and i will never make my parents make me wait that long ever again. Hopefully I can go back sooner like in a year, if not then in two years. Time flew by so fast that i didn't get to go everywhere where I wanted to. For my next time there in the future, Should I use the same Disney autograph book to get the characters I didn't get OR should I buy a new one OR no autographs? Aslso, How many hours should I spend in each "land" of the park to make sure get to go on most rides and stuff?

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    I would keep the same authograph book, that way you have a full collection and one single book to show, if you want my personal opinion try not to spend much time running after the charachters if you get the autograph good if not then oh well (unless getting them means a lot to you), also try to narrow what shows you want to see and what rides you want to ride to the one you really really want. Also take your own food and water as stopping to eat at the food court takes up time, last but not least try to go on a day of the week this means that there will probably less people to stand in line, that is unless you have the money to buy a fast pass which pretty much eliminates the wating time on most rides and shows and all that I said above. Either way you plan it you will have a blast.

    PS. Also try to get on the rides you have already gone in at the end, start with the ones you have not seen.

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    i went to disneyland in october and over spring break. neither time was too crowded. the lines were never more than like 20 minutes... they also have the flash passes so you get to skip the line, so those come in handy. i would definitely make time to go to california adventure... that's where i had the most fun. i loved the new california screamin' roller for the autographs, i think you should keep the same book (if you're going to get them at all). i never got autographs when i went to disneyland, it never appealed to me, so i don't know if they're worth it, but if it appeals to you, you should go for it! (its a once, maybe twice, in a lifetime thing by the sounds of your question, so make the most of the trip). Plan for at least a couple of hours per area there. some more than others base on the rides. my favorites were space mountain, the matterhorn, and splash mountain (but those are the more popular ones, so expect lines). also, the lines get insanely long for small world and the finding nemo submarine, so plan to blow atleast 2 hours waiting for those.

    haha hope this helped. have fun at disney!

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    I would say no autographs, it doesn't waste some time, unless you really want them. I would spend different amounts of time in different lands, there is no really specific time to spend, before you go, map out the rides that are a must, that are an ok, and that are a pass, map out your day that way and it always helps to first go to a ride get a fast pass and then enjoy other attractions in that area.

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    Just like you I also went to disneyland 3 weeks ago! I was mad that small world was closed! I went there from the time the parked opend to 2 hours before it closed! If your going to be there from opening to closeing you should try to split the time equally! And when your in california adventure you should totally go on the hollywood tower of terror! and you should use the same book!


    NEVER go to disneyland during summer! you should go like in feb.

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