Ubuntu wont sense my windows wireless network driver. What can I do to make it work.

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    1 decade ago
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    Go to Ubuntu forums with this question, they are more qualified to answer it. I used ndiswrapper and the win driver in Mandriva for a similar problem (Ubuntu stinks)

    Source(s): Ubuntu is an ancient african word, meaning "I can't configure Debian"
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    Step 1 . Find a Ubuntu wireless driver

    Step 2 . Install the drivers

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    Ok, I don't think you were wanting opinions and commentary on people's thoughts on what Ubuntu smells like from one of the previous answers, but anyway you will need to know what type of wireless card you have. Or, I should say the chip inside the card and If I were betting I would bet you have a broadcom chip they are pretty common in lots of different brands. You are probably going to need to enable a restricted (proprietary) driver. Ubuntu makes this very easy to do with their hardware drivers feature, but you will need a wired connection to get this going. I do highly suggest you go to the ubuntu forums because there is stuff in great detail describing this but it is a pretty easy process. The forums will also have the answers in case you run into difficulty.

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    4 years ago

    Ubuntu is a plug-n-play toy. in the adventure that your on the spot community did not paintings on the beginning up, you may try with the aid of ethernet cable after restart the router. If it works linked to the router with the aid of cable, it incredibly is a situation bearing directly to the on the spot card itself on Ubuntu. then you definately could try a utility particularly to repair this fault. in case you it would not paintings with the aid of on the spot neither with the aid of cable, probable it incredibly is a situation with the community headers/libraries, then re-set up your Ubuntu and make certain the approach the installation replace into ok which includes the networking area. Its elementary those issues.

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