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A friend is throwing me and another girl a double baby shower. I know to get a gift for the hostess but I was wondering do I get a gift for the other pregnant girl as well? I'm having a girl and she's having a boy. I don't mind getting her a gift. I would just feel weird if I got her gift and she didn't get me one...I don't want her to feel bad.

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    'I would just feel weird if I got her gift and she didn't get me one...I don't want her to feel bad.'

    You'd feel worse if she got you a gift and you didn't get her one.

    Just get her baby boy an outfit; she can never have too many clothes for the baby! And it will be fun shopping for a boy since I'm sure you've done a lot of shopping for your girl.

    Don't worry about her feeling bad if she doesn't get you something, it's common sense to get the other girl a gift since you'll also be attending her shower while she's attending yours .. I'm sure she'll get you something. If she doesn't, then that's her problem, not yours.

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    Just get her a gift. If she doesn't have one for you and she feels bad, assure her that it's nothing to worry about and you weren't expecting a gift from her.

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    that do not sound like a strong concept!2 pregnant lady getting showered mutually?it would reason a strive against or reason someone to get their thoughts damage!If one get more suitable than the different or something the different one fairly needed!with the help of female friend i desire you're which potential only a buddy!that would reason even more suitable complications in case you do not.

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    I'd definitely get her one. Who cares if she doesn't get you one? You'll feel better about yourself in the end. Get her something simple like a couple packs of diapers and some wipes if you're worried about spending too much.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would. I had a double baby shower and I got her something and she got me something.

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