Dark & Dry skin underarms and between legs...please advice

i have a very dark skin between my legs and under arms.well underarm maybe was caused by spray. but between legs i think maybe of walking and it scratch to each other which starts with burns then gets dry and dark..so is there any way to get rid of it as i'm working out lately to loose some kg's after being over weight.please help its anoying as i have to stop the next from walking where i dont want any breaks.....:(

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    Hi honey,

    It sounds like chafing is happening between your legs and armpits. Chafing often occurs on the inner thigh, groin area, armpits, nipples, etc. as a result of sweating, and friction from body parts rubbing together, or friction from clothing. The best treatment for chafing is prevention. Here's some tips:

    - Stay hydrated -staying well hydrated will help prevent chafing by allowing you to perspire freely. When you stop perspiring your sweat will form salt crystals on your body increasing friction.

    - Clothing - Select snug fitting (but not tight) clothing. Shorts or jog bras that are too tight or too loose will create friction and rubbing.

    - Choose breathable, wicking fabrics .... Coolmax, Supplex, Polypro, etc are good choices. No cotton!

    - Clothing should have few seams, flat seams, and small flat stitching.

    - Do not wear untested clothing on a long walk and never wear unwashed new clothing.

    - Stay Dry - Use talcum powder or cornstarch to stay dry. (Gold Bond is highly recommended and can be found in most drug stores. Two Toms Blister shield is another good option.)

    - Lubricant - When you increase your mileage all other efforts may fail. It is time for real preventative. There are a variety of lubricants on the market. They are readily available at most running stores. Many people use petroleum jelly because it is inexpensive and easy to find. I don't really like the consistency, and find it doesn't stay on as well as many of the sports/running products. The Runners Lube that I use comes in a stick, goes on smoothly, stays on well, and a stick last forever. It is well worth the $$.

    Popular lubricants include:

    Runners Lube, available at Athlete Gift,

    Sportslick, Body Glide, and Sports Shield

    Chamois BUTT'r - also available at Athlete Gift

    Chafe Eez - available at Second Wind or Knightersports

    Udder Balm or Bag Balm - These products are manufactured for livestock, but safe and effective for human use. Runners and long distance athletes have used them for years.

    Good luck with the losing weight sweetie! Hope this helps!


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    You should try reposting and adding your natural skin tone. Like light, dark, caramel, mocha, etc. This could be a factor in treating your dark underarms. You could try laying in the tanning bed to make the rest of your skin darker while leaving your underarms unexposed to light.

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    if your legs are rubbing together put cornstarch on them.. its weird but i had a friend do it and she swears by it!!!

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