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all the boys love mandy lane ending?!

i didn't understand the ending so her and her best friend made the plan 2 kill them all, why though that's the thing i didn't understand, and right at the end the cowboy guy when he says u saved us does he not know that she was in on all the killings? im confused :(

an somebody please explain it?


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    Mandy and Emmet had come to despise the group of friends at the ranch due to their attitudes and behavior in general and the male character's approaches towards Mandy. They encompassed the struggles Mandy had against the male advances towards her in high school (the first part of the film) and the female characters were simply enforcing this with their behavior. Emmet was in love with Mandy and so felt the same. Behind the scenes, they formed a suicide pact involving killing the group and then each other. His book showing his obsession with Mandy would be his legacy "for the cops and copycat killers" and Mandy would die with her reputation intact. The drugs they were to take would allow them to experience euphoria in death.

    Mandy however, did not want to die in this manner and she may have hated Emmet in the same way she hated the other characters. Emmet was simply part of her larger plan. So she made it appear that Emmet had killed the group in a frenzy of jealousy. This is why she could not kill Emmet in the way they planned - the police would expect a struggle. This is the same reason she did not kill Garth - she needed someone to corroborate her story with the police.

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    Everybody Loves Mandy Lane

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    Moral of the story: Don't judge a book, by it's cover.

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