Ladies please explain this to me......

There are many times a woman has told me i was to sweet or to mice rather. Is there such a thing. I struggled with this growing up. I was raised to be good to women and i always was. It seemed no matter how good i was i got hurt cause i was to sweet. Is there a point to where you feel you man is a push over and it turns you off or hes to nice and sweet. Never inderstood this. It seemed like the bad guys or meaner ones got all the women and i struggled even be as tender hearted as i was. This made me abit heartless in a way cause when i became meaner it seemed i got more women and this pissed me of why?I no i shouldent be this way.

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    It does indeed seem that women tend to fall for the "bad boys" well as men seem to go for the "bad girls". Maybe it just comes down to the "thrill", I'm not really sure because I think deep inside most people is a craving to be cared for and loved faithfully. If I were in your shoes I'd try to first be true to myself. Don't ever lose the values you were raised with, however, temper it with a bit of "I will NOT be someone's doormat". Theres a big difference between being a self confident gentleman and a mean spirited just have to find where to walk on that fine line. At the end of the day you have to be comfortable within your own skin, and not let a foolish woman's rejection piss you's her loss. Find your comfort zone and live your life happier. To "act" will only bring you misery and lost opportunities. Much luck :)

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    I like sweet guys! I mean, bad boys are appealing for the short term but in the long run it's a whole lot cooler if your man is courteous to you and is sensitive to your needs. Don't be mean just to get girls.

    I will, however, say this: If a man cries more than I do, it is kind of a turn off. It's not that I don't think that men aren't allowed to cry, but it can get a bit annoying. (as I'm sure that guys get irked with us at times for PMSing and being hormonal. Think about it like that)

    Don't be afraid to be a little aggressive when the situation warrants it (we don't always want to be treated like china dolls), but don't sacrifice your kindness and politeness in the process. :) I do, as a lady who gets tired of men calling me a "ho" for no apparent reason, like a kind heart.

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    When you got meaner, you didn't get more women. you got LITTLE GIRLS! Women like nice men.

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    I really cant help you. I like it when guys are the sweetest to me as possible but i do like a bad boy but not mean to me.

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  • Anonymous
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    woman like a man with a back bone...

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