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How do I clear up acne?

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    i know how you feel trust..use some natural ingredients and im sure you will see good results. they are, banana skin, honey, lemon juice, rose water, gram flour (mixed with honey and rose water or just natural water.)

    Also drink loads of water and wash face twice a day and don't keep picking or touching spots and use the ingredients separate or mix few of them they not harmful and when you wash face start by washing with hot water then cold.

    I cant explain to you what all of them contain or do scientifically even thou they have been proven but all i can say is they will work and make face cleaner and softer and get rid of spots and blackheads.. best one is honey and making paste of gram flour mixed with honey,rose water etc..

    i no how you feel and that but try it you got nothing to lose but best is if you make the paste use it twice a day and keep it cold in fridge or window. They will work just keep faith and stay away from alot of sun and keep hair away from face. Hope this helps because its helped me and alot of people i know in real and on here .

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    For the best, quickest solution, see a dermatologist. I tried every over-the-counter soap, lotion, zit zapper, etc. and nothing worked. I saw a dermatologist and got a prescription medicine (taken orally) and, after only 1 week, my acne is almost gone!! The med is called Doryx. If you can't see a doc for some reason, then the best soap I found was Clinique's liquid facial soap oily skin formula, and then use a toner - I like Lancome's pure focus toner. And I also use just a teeny tiny bit of moisturizer on my cheeks, because they get dry, so I use the clinique dramatically different gel.

    I hope yours goes away - zits suck!!! Good luck!! :)

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    My dad taught me this trick to dry up acne

    here's what you do:

    You get a paper towel fold it into fourths and then you pour rubbing alcohol on the paper towel. Next you scrub your face with that towel. it will show results almost instantly. Do this every day until it is fully gone. and remember to put on oil free lotion everytime you use the alcohol

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    Skin ID bro,

    believe all the hype.

    i used proactive for about a year

    didnt change much.

    i used soaps

    and foams and stuff and nothing.

    about 1 month ago i got skin id and my skin looks smooth and clear as a newborn babies man serious.

    try it.


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    if u have bad acne trust me use proactive. i just bought it a couple months ago for the same problem and it works sooooo good.

    a little expensive but its worth it :)

    hope i helped :)

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    Go to this website, it really works. But until then, use white toothpaste and wait till it dries and gets really hard. It will clear it up till your stuff comes in the mail.

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    wash your face when you wake up and before you go to bed

    avoid touching your face or getting anything on it

    use proactive

  • for a quick overnight spot treatment i first wash my face and then apply a little bit of toothpaste to pimple

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    clean and clear or proactive

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