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Need to get rid of zits?

I really need to get rid of my zits. I'm using this Neutrogena face pads but it doesn't do anything! And I start school Monday. I'm going into high school and I don't want to have a bad impression with a huge breakout on my nose. HELP! Oh and has anyone used Stridex zit stuff before? I see it all the time in Seventeen Magazine but is it any good?

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    Neutrogena is the worst! i've tried it all it does is it dries up ur face! don't use any products u see in magazines, go to a dr and ask for professional help! it's faster, easier and u'll get guaranteed results! that's what i did!

  • I agree. You need to go to your doctor. I wouldn't buy anything off the shelves. You need some medication for your zits.

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    when your using face washes to get rid of zits dont use alot of things with salicylic acid in it! thats what dries up your face its hard to find things without it but just wash your face normally dont use all those things! good luck!

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