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harry potter thoughts, what would you add to make it more awesome?

I think It would have been cool if Dumbledore or Voldermorte would have duel weilded wands.

It would of also have been awesome to see Harry use his own version of the dark mark whenever he did something. (for example after harry and co broke into gringotts in book 7 he would of made a lightning bolt sign in the sky, simalar to the dark mark. )

I know these things would never fit into the story line but it would still be cool.

What would you all add?

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    To the actual books, don't think I would add anything. But I do have sooo many questions and things I want to know that I wish JK Rowlingwould either write a book about or include in her encyclopedia. Such as:

    Snape's story: his childhood, his Hogwarts years with Lily, his family, and everything he did through the Harry Potter series (his talks with Dumbldore, meetungs with Voldemort, etc)

    Anything about the Marauders and Lily.

    The history of the Dumbledores,

    The trio, Ginny, Luna, Neville, the Weasleys, Dean, all after Hogwarts.

    Whatever happened to the Dursleys?

    Hogwarts and its staff after the Battle.

    I wish Snape's portrait would hang up in the headmaster's office, but I remember reading that JK said it wouldn't.

    So much more than I can think of at the moment!

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  • I would like it if the ministries of other countries came together with the London Ministry to help defeat Voldy (But of course Harry would do it first) but some support would have been nice

    It would be awsome if they could use stuff other than wands like staffs or something else

    Magical carpets would have been cool for Quittich

    It would be cool too if they could stand on brooms while flying

    Ya, my imagination is wild. I like your idea too. That would be awsome. It would be even better if every wizard had their own version of the dark mark so that it could refelct their personalities like a patronus

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    1) Moody dies fighting the Death Eaters - and is beating them all before Voldy whacks him (instead of dying running away from them)

    2) Voldy - the most ingenious and skilled wizard alive - tries some spell against Harry other than the one and only spell he knows doesn't work against him (he's tried it twice already)

    3) Snapy - a true magical genius - puts up a fight - even a little, itty bitty fight - against Nagini when Voldy whacks him

    4) A lot more of Tonks like she was in book 5, and no mopey Tonks


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    id of liked to have more detail about the 19 years after Harry beat Voldemort. I'd of like to hear about the relationships between Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione. but then again, im a sucker for love stories =)

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    I agree with what you said but I felt Rowling should have had more of Severus Snape. I felt he was quite under appreciated. I think she should have added a little more focus on him. Though, I must admit, what she did add referring to him was exceptional.

    And why on earth did Harry not name one of his children after Sirius?! His kids have every name except Sirius.

    What happened to Luna Lovegood? She completely forgot about her in the epilogue along with most of the semi-important characters.

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    ron and hermione to have been together since the 5 book and i would be awesome that lavender brown try to kiss ron while the battle is going on and after the kiss between ron and hermione and that hermione would SLAP THAT BIATCH lol !!!!!

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    me marrying Ron Weasley heck yes:D

    or harry having like a long lost twin sister :D

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    umm if james, lily, sirius, remus, snape and dumbledore were that would make the hp series even better :)

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    harry not with ginny

    im sorry

    its just weird that they are together

    but when they were grown up it was more okay

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