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my mom fed my hamster a tomato each day I was gone, now he is too fat to move and is bleeding, what to do?


I called the vet, they can put him to sleep for $10.00. They said to feed him grains and water and wait a day or so and see what happens.

I think what looks like blood may be tomatoes.

Update 2:

He is too fat to run, I think he is bloated. His back legs are barely touching the ground. He won't stop eating the grains. I hope this is good to help push out the tomatoes. My husband won't pay for a $12 hamster to go to a $55 vet visit. He thinks my mom should pay since she was the one who gave it all the tomatoes. She said she'll buy the kids a new hamster. I'm stuck! We have had him for 2 years and I have grown attached, my husband thinks he's too old and is on his way out anyway. Could I give him some pepto or a tum to help with the bloating? I know that sounds stupid but I really need somekind of home treatment.

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    Please take him to a vet immediately, he needs medication and professional help.

    The blood is probably from the urinary tract or anal region. Since they are all located very closely, it is difficult to say where the blood is coming from.

    Blood from the urinary tract - This could mean an urinary tract infection(UTI). Consult a vet and obtain a hamster-safe antibiotic such as Baytril or Albon. Note that if bleeding occurs again after the course of antibiotics, it could mean that there is an internal cyst in one of the hamster's internal organs. Consult a vet again to have the hamster examined.

    Blood from the hamster's anus - This could be a result of feeding too much wet food such as fruits or vegetables. Cut down on those foods and take him to a vet for medication. If after a week you see no improvement, make an appointment with a hamster-experienced vet again as this continued bleeding could point to something more serious such as a tumor in the intestinal tract.

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    Tomatoes are red. It maybe that what you think is blood!

    Dont get you hamster put under just feed him healthily.

    fresh water everyday, not too much food, bits of fresh fruit.

    get you hamster in its ball and let it exersize.

    when i clean out my hamsters cage, i put her in the bath with the plug in and she runs around willy nilly and if you leave your hamster in there for about 1-2 hours it will be good exersise.

    just do that for about a few weeks or a month , or something similar and then see if your hamster seems to be healthier.

    And dont feed him tomatoes! haha.

    Good Luck x

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    It would not sound good-- sorry. Hamsters stay 2-3 12 months. the difficulty is that rodents like hamsters do something referred to as masking. meaning that they mask, or conceal aspects of ailment, and you will not see that they are sick till they are incredibly, incredibly sick. i'm an person and function spent extremely some funds on taking good care of rodents that have been sick and function in no way had one get better. returned, with the aid of the time you notice that they are sick, they are already demise. you additionally could make him gentle or take him to a shelter for euthanasia. i myself do not think of that obtaining him to the vet will postpone his existence. Sorry, sweetie. It looks such as you have completed an exceptionally good activity looking after him.

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    First off, that is WAY too much vegetable for your hamster to consume. This can cause diarrhea and wet tail.

    Anyway, take your hamster to the vet. If he is fat and really need to get him in there before he dies!

    Common sense.

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    I just wanted to add to all the vet comments, you should never feed any fruit, or vegetable with citric acid in it to any rodent. Tomatoes have a incredibly high acid content and should not be given to any rodent.

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    Go to the vet asap


  • A whole tomato? I would go to the vet and let them check it out.

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    take him out of his cage everyday for exercise, and if you see it getting worse go to the vet

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    get a vet to check it out. they are trained to do this kind of stuff so its all you can really do

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    go to a vet!!!

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